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Billing Support

Questions about your Utility billing account? Call our billing team at 855.965.7800, or access your e-bill online.

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Technical Support

Access feature instructions, speed tests, conference portals and more in our Support section. Our Customer Care team is available anytime 24/7 by calling 877.965.7800.

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Introducing Accession Meeting

September 5, 2018

More companies are choosing to host meetings online, making business trips and in-person meetings a thing of the past. In doing so, companies are able to simultaneously cut down on travel costs while keeping teams connected from all across the globe. Whether you’re looking to cut down on travel costs…

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Utility Telecom’s 5-Step Referral Program

August 23, 2018

If you love recommending new things to your friends and colleagues, it’s about time you get rewarded for your talents! With Utility Telecom’s new and improved Customer Referral Program, active customers can refer their friends, family, colleagues, and whoever to Utility Telecom’s phone and internet services for their business. The…

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