Providing High-Speed Internet Solutions for Business

We provide high-speed internet access for your business with local service and support anywhere in California and Nevada. With guaranteed speed, uptime, and unmatched reliability, our business internet service is fast and dependable. We offer 24/7 support with knowledgeable local service representatives who are equipped to understand your objectives and recommend the best solution for your business.


Typical Applications for Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated circuits make strong economic sense for transmitting critical data:

  • High bandwidth applications
  • Multiple, simultaneous users of Internet applications
  • Remote access by employees and customers
  • Fast FTP download of large files
  • Customer hosted e-mail
  • Video and image file transfer and video conferencing
  • Web site hosting
  • Electronic commerce
  • Integrated voice-data access

The advantages to your business are:

  • Timely customer feedback
  • Real-time product and service updates
  • Reduced toll-free phone costs
  • Improved employee efficiency
  • Increased sales

Flexible options to customize your dedicated service:

  • 56/64 Kbps Basic Dedicated Service
  • Low volume with full-time access, remote Internet access, and a web site.
  • Frame Relay
  • Speeds of 56 Kbps to 1.536 Mbps (or more)
  • Higher performance and faster speeds than dial-up access
  • Lower rate than the traditional leased line.
  • For connecting LANs, hosts, or servers that need a constant two-way Internet connection.
  • Point-to-point DS-1 Service
  • High-capacity Internet connection to run applications such as high volume file transfers
  • DS-3 Service
  • Highest level of accessibility, speed, and service.

Based in Stockton, California, Utility Telecom provides local service and support throughout California and Nevada. With regional offices in San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Red Bluff, and Reno, Nevada, Utility Telecom is strategically positioned to serve businesses across the Central Valley, the Central Coast, Southern California, Northern California, and Northern Nevada, including Stockton, Modesto, Turlock, Manteca, Lodi, Elk Grove, French Camp, Lathrop, Tracy, San Luis Obispo, the Greater Los Angeles area, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Greater Sacramento area, and Reno.