Utility Fax Professional

Utility Telecom’s UFax solution allows users to fax online using their regular fax number to keep the same functionality of a traditional fax machine while cutting down on costs.

Businesses that use VoIP solutions and a traditional fax machine are forced to continue a phone-line for the machine while keeping up with the high costs of maintenance and supplies. With our UFax services, businesses can add a fax number to any individual employee and messages are automatically presented as an easy-to-work with PDF file that can be emailed, forwarded, or printed out.


Utility Fax Professional is a simple and inexpensive alternative fax service

PDF’s can be faxed in the Commportal using the destination fax number as an email address. For example, “18001234567@ufax.pro.” All incoming faxes received will be handled through the user’s Accession and CommPortal account.

Non PDF’s require the installation of a custom Utility Telecom print drive onto a computer. From there, users must enter the phone number for outgoing faxes, for example, “123-456-7890.” Once the fax is sent, it will be trackable in real-time.

To see a step by step guide on how this works click here.


Using a fax ATA device to set up a user’s device, secured and encrypted faxes will be delivered through HTTPS protocol across the internet. Users will keep your fax machine and transmission times will be shortened. Faxes will continue to be sent by Utility Telecom’s systems and all incoming or outgoing messages will be available on Utility Telecom’s secure platform. 

Key Features

  • VoIP Fax Solution – cost effective, easy to deploy, strong ROI
  • Inbound Fax Routing – Automatically sends inbound faxes as an email notification
  • High Density/Scalability – High density carrier-grade solution
  • Internet Friendly – HTTPS for reliability, security, firewall/NAT traversal, and bandwidth reduction


Unlike other services that charge by the page, Utility Telecom charges by the minute in a standard way with a low fixed cost. The minutes are used from your standard billing bundle, and international faxing costs are kept low. The cost structure, including all of our new features, are flat rated for all incoming faxes, with no limits. To find out more information on how these services can help your business, call us today at 877.965.7800.