Web Conferencing Benefits for Business

Business trips and in-person meetings with clients or teams are no longer the norm. Many companies are choosing to meet online instead, moving to web conferencing solutions to connect teams from all over the globe. Whether your team is dispersed…

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How to Set Up an Auto Attendant for Your Business

Auto Attendant for your business

Auto attendant service provides a flexible, efficient way to meet the needs of your customers when they call your business. With powerful capabilities and functions, your phone system can help keep business running smoothly, improve employee productivity, and minimize costs.…

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How Much Bandwidth Does My Business Need?

Bandwidth for your business

Businesses run on bandwidth, and sufficient bandwidth is critical to meet the demands of your internet usage. The amount of bandwidth your business needs depends on what you plan to do with your internet connection—speed requirements are different for every…

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Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks

Graphic of URL with fishhooks

Phishing websites, emails, and links are all designed to mimic trusted companies to trick you into disclosing your login and password. The latest scheme uses domain names that appear identical to legitimate web addresses. In the past, fraudsters have duped…

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Understanding the Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Business

VoIP Telephone Systems from Utility Telecom

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system can help your business reduce costs and deliver state-of-the-art communication options to your team and customers. More than just a system to make and receive calls, VoIP phone systems run on affordable…

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Utility Telecom: How We Started

At age 14, Jason Mills was a young entrepreneur. Inspired by the personal computer revolution of the 1980’s, he started his own business selling and installing business telephone systems. Mills ran Livermore Telephone Company out of his parents’ ranch and…

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Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Utility Telecom Thanksgiving Food Drive was a massive success! Thank you to all of our employees that donated food for the San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank. We will be hosting another food drive during Christmastime for all those that…

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Urgent Message Regarding Windows Update!

We have been receiving calls from many customers today regarding their bandwidth/Internet access appearing very slow and getting poor performance. We have tracked the problem down to Windows Update "Torrenting" feature, which is a function designed by Microsoft to push…

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Current Outage In Northern California

There is currently an outage happening in the Bay Area, specifically the North Bay. For all customers utilizing Comcast service through Utility Telecom, please be aware that this outage is currently happening. For more information, please check out this Comcast…

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In case you missed it…

Today is 100/1000/10000 in binary! Have a happy Friday :)

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