What to expect on your first bill?

Your first bill will include all prorated fees from the date of installation, as well as your monthly rate for your upcoming billing period. For example, if your installation date is April 20th your first month’s bill will reflect charges from April 20th – April 30th and the full month of service fees for May. You will not be billed again until June 1st.


How does Proration work?

Utility Telecom prorates from the date of installation until the end of the current billing cycle. For example, if your installation date was April 20th and your billing cycle ends on May 1st you will be charged for eleven days of service instead of the full month.

What will my first bill look like?

Your first bill payment includes:

  • A prorated amount from your activation date until your monthly cycle date.
  • A charge for the next month of service.
  • Any activation, installation, fees, and taxes.

What is my monthly cycle date?

Your monthly cycle date will either be the 1st of the month or the 16th of the month. You will be assigned to the next scheduled cycle when your account is created to try and limit proration to less than 20 days. Please refer to your contract for any specific questions regarding your monthly cycle date.

What about activation fees?

All applicable one-time activation fees, setup fees, and one-time charges specified in your contract will be present on your first bill. Please refer to your contract for any specific questions regarding one-time fees.

What about my discounts and promotions?

Recurring and one-time credits:

  • One time credits will not be prorated on your monthly bill
  • Recurring credits will be prorated on your monthly bill

What are my taxes and fees?

Federal and state taxes and fees are mandated by law and will be applied to your monthly bill. To find out more about your federal and state taxes please click here.

Remember we’re always here to help, 24-7. You can contact us anytime to speak to a live representative to help resolve any billing issues or questions you may have.