Why does Utility Telecom start calling before my contract expiration?

In an effort to offer our customers the best speeds and prices, we make long-term commitments to our partners and vendors to ensure that customers receive a discounted rate. With technology constantly evolving, we can offer the newest products and services to our customers at a low rate as long as a new contract is put together prior to the expiration date of the original contract.

What happens when I renew my contract at the end of my expiration date?

Waiting until the end or after your contract has expired to renew your service(s) can lead to costly penalties from vendors. This means Utility Telecom cannot offer the Terms Discount offered on a customer contract and customers may end up with a price hike on their services.

How can I avoid a price increase once my contract has expired?

Section (1) of our Terms and Conditions state that the rate will change upon expiration of any term (for example, at the end of a 36-month contract, on month 37) will be billed at the default rate of 200% of the Term Contract Discounted Price. In many cases this does not cover our costs and penalties passed to us by our vendors; this is why we begin talking to customers many months before the expiration. By renewing your long-term contract with Utility Telecom prior to your expiration date, Utility Telecom is able to offer the latest technology at the same low rates. If we wait until the contract expires, we are racing against the clock to avoid the expensive increase in a month-to-month contract.


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