Doctors Answering Service

Utility Telecom’s Doctors Answering Service is the perfect answering service solution for any professional that needs to screen their calls and be notified quickly and accurately for emergencies. This service combines speed and ease of receiving your calls and messages with the security of live operator monitoring.


Live Operator Monitoring

A live operator will notify you after 60 minutes of any unheard emergency messages you may have from your patients.

Low Cost

Starting at just $89 a month, advanced messaging service offers the lowest price in the industry.

Mobile App Notification

All of your calls can be monitored through our MaX UC App so you never miss a call wherever you are.

How it Works

When a client calls, they are directed to a pre-recorded custom menu, for example, “Thank you for calling Dr. Smith. If your call is an emergency, please press 1. If your call is non-urgent, please press 2.”

Caller Presses 1

Urgent calls are retrieved through the MaX UC App or in Commportal. All messages are transcribed and can be downloaded via an audio file.

Caller Presses 2

Non-urgent calls can be easily retrieved through the MaX UC App or in Commportal. Audio and messaging transcriptions will also appear in MaX UC or Commportal.


Speak to a live representative NOW to answer any questions, 310.789.7900. 

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