Web Conferencing

Utility Telecom’s MaX Meeting offers a competitive edge for all collaborative solutions. Remote collaboration is made easy with Utility Telecom’s MaX Meeting. This cloud-based collaborative solution allows business users to video call online, collaborate on documents, or conduct webinars across one unified program. Network operators have the choice to deploy the program as a standalone app with a distinct user interface, or tightly integrate it with MaX UC. 


Contact Your Way

Use HD voice and Video or send text/chat messages.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration and team conferencing.

Competitive Pricing

We offer a scalable and affordable for you and your team.

Easy Interactions

Chat one-on-one or conference with up to 100 members. Available on all platforms.

Sharing Made Simple

Collaborate with screen-sharing and file sharing with the click of a button.

Training & Support

Desktop remote control enables technical support & training.


MaX UC App

Let MaX UC help your team stay together for effortless collaboration beyond the office. With a simple, sleek, and easy to navigate mobile interface, your team will benefit from a Unified Communications solution.


Never get stuck talking to a machine when you reach our support line. Our 24/7 live customer support team is full of qualified, experts to help you with your needs.

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